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The SWEDOME platform

In any situation when teamwork and coordination is key for success, SWEDOME is the platform that brings your operation together with empowered decision making. We have specifically designed the platform for professional teams, where trust, security and accessibility are key.


Mission Critical

The SWEDOME platform are specifically developed to facilitate secure and mediated communication, teaming and aggregation of situation awareness information during mission critical incidents.

SWEDOME is a security focused C3 software solution enabling users to virtualize collaboration and quickly create situational awareness from a distance, so that images, video, location data, and more can be used to enhance the understanding in different situations.


Facilitating coordination and real-time situation awareness cross agencies. Allowing external resources and voluntears to also share local information.


Complex situations when public safety & public services are effected and damaged. In these situations, cross agency collaboration and teaming are key.


Situation awareness, from air to the ground and from all involved actorsfor providing decision support and coordination saving time and money.

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capability overview

Core Features

SWEDOME is an advanced collaboration, coordination and vizualization system utilizing private and public networks. Real-time video processing and extended reality technologies providing a powerful human centric design optimized for fast and simple understanding of large amount of information shared in complex situations.

Edge Compute Analytics and AI

- Real time image and video analytics and machine learning
- 3:rd party AI integration

Mixed Reality

- Visualization and information handling
- Sensor processing and management


- LTE and 5G infrastructure compliance - Time critical network response

Human Factors

- Human centric design
- Ergonomics and user fatigue

Drone enabled

- Drone control and surveillance
- Live streaming made simple

Remote Collaboration

- Remote human teaming in a digital framework
- Work from anywhere and at any time

Immersive Visualization

- 360 SA visualization
- 3D multi desktop workstation support


- Data ingests from local and remote systems and sources
- Privacy and security


- 2D/3D geodata support
- Tactical planning with interactive 2D/3D map tools