Mission critical Situation awareness


SWEDOME is a securityfocused, real-time Command, Collaboration and Communication (C3) platform that enables public safety agencies and companies to virtualize collaboration and quickly coordinate and establish situational awareness from a distance.

The platform facilitates real-time mediated communication, coordinate response and information sharing between and within companies and agencies during incidents, accidents and events.

Empowering decision support for local and remote teams, located anywhere

Cross agency teaming

Flexibility & Unique Perception

SWEDOME is a centralized platform that can be used across a range of devices to communicate, gather and analyze data with optimized perception and data presentation. Users offers a rich and flexible dashboard with access to real time case management, livevideo ingests, private and group communications tools, federation to any other virtual collaboration tool.

Data privacyand security are scalable depending on needs and network architecture.

Work from anywhere and at any time

markets we serve

Industries & Organisations operating in time critical and complex environments

In any situation when teamwork and coordination is key for success, SWEDOME is the platform that brings your operation together with empowered decision making. We have specifically designed the platform for professional teams, where trust, security and accessibility are key.